Winter Cold Snap: Don’t do it!


Car Battery


Once a car battery reaches around 4 years you are on borrowed time.  Combine that with a cold snap and the plates could buckle and it’s all over!

Our top tip: When you get into your car, don’t switch any electrical item on until you have started your car.

Top Tips for Passing the Practical Driving Test: Be the Best That You Can Be



When it comes to passing the Practical driving Test some learner driver’s have an uphill battle, dealing with multiple failures and much disappointment. Some learner drivers give up altogether.

So how can you tip the odds in favour of passing a Practical Driving Test?

1: Learn the routes.

Each Driving Test Centre will have set of test routes that are designed to be quite challenging in terms of road layouts and traffic density.

The examiners are not there to trick you, but it is a test of driving ability.

The best advice that we can give you is to ensure that you are very familiar with all the quirks of the test routes used by your nominated Driving Test Centre.


Now there are some Driving Instructors that would say “well if a candidate can drive they should be able to do it anywhere”. Sure in real life yes, but in real life a person wouldn’t have an imposing man or women in a high visibility jacket sitting next to them with a clip board! It’s very easy to forget the human factors involved in taking a driving test, that either result in a pass or fail.

Everyone that takes a driving test is nervous, however being totally familiar with the routes leaves one thing less to worry or stress about.


2: Mock Test

If you cast your mind back to school days, for some this might be right now, how were you assessed as being ready for your GCSE’s or A Levels?

Yes that’s right a Mock Test.

These are a great little tool for assessing skills and knowledge under pressure, which is a good thing. Many driving test candidates drive perfectly well with their Driving Instructors on lessons, which are performed in an educational context. However mention the word “test”, bring out a clip board with a form and things seem to fall apart.

Again the human factors that can negatively affect our performance should not be underestimated. The advice here is to always ask for a couple of mock tests in order to test and build up resilience to the pressure of a test situation.

3: Another View

Some learners pass a mock driving test with their instructors, but experience multiple failures on the real Practical Driving Test.

The answer to this unfortunate situation could simply be associated with the pressure situation dealt with above. If you are a learner driver that has taken a couple of mock driving tests and then experienced a real driving test and failed, you will know how you felt and how you performed on the real practical driving test, when compared again the mock test’s that you took? If you know that the pressure caused a large differential in performance between the real and mock tests then you have probably found the problem.

However if that not the case you may ask yourself, “does my Instructor know what is required from me to pass a Practical Driving Test?”

At Kings Hill Driving School, we only work from the Sevenoaks Driving Test Centre and therefore have total familiarity with the test routes used by the D.V.S.A. Driving Test Examiners. In addition we have two Driving Instructors (ADI’s) Mark and Charlotte, so are able to offer our students more realistic mock driving tests.

We also happy to mock driving test pupils that come to us from other driving schools where training has taken place in the Sevenoaks area.

New Kent County Council Road Safety Initiative for Older Drivers




Older Driver

According to an article found on the ITV News website, older drivers in Kent will soon be offered training to help them drive more safely and reduce accident rates.

Kent County Council has plans to offer older drivers “advice” about how to cope with slower reaction times and failing eyesight.

Details of the scheme are not fully available, however any local authority help with road safety is always most welcome.

Maintaining “safe independence” for seniors is of course vitally important and in everyone’s interest.

At Kings Hill Driving School we have a RoSPA qualified instructor that has just the sort of experience to help senior drivers maintain safe their independence.

Older Driver Gets His Marching Orders

Road Closed

We spotted an article in the Telegraph (so it must be true!)

The article tells the tale of a 98 year old WW11 Soldier receiving an insurance quote of £20,000 despite being physically and mentally capable of driving. Apparently Ron Jones’s renewal premium increased from £3000, to the whopping £20,000, despite there being no change to his claims history.

Clearly he has been targeted purely on age, which the man that spent time is the infamous Auschwitz from October 1943 until January 1945 is clearly miffed at.

As he has been effectively been priced off of the road, the article says that Ron 98 may not be able to sell poppies as usual this year, or give talks to school on his war memories. As an ex serviceman myself I find this very sad, and for Ron 98 its hard to imagine how he is feeling.

It seems that the insurer involved has stated that Ron should never have received a renewal quote as he now does not meet the eligibility criteria, so maybe the 20K quote is a ” quirk” thrown out by their system when it does not know what to do? Whatever the reason it’s not been pleasant for the 98 year old.

At Kings Hill Driving School we are aware of how important a Driving License is at any age, but in particular to those of us that need the freedom, independence and convenience that driving in retirement provides.

Most Driving Instructor’s qualifications are aimed at the learner market, as that’s what the DVSA wants.

To work with Full Licence holders additional knowledge is required and we have chosen to upgrade our qualifications to equip ourselves to deal effectively with FLH’s

Learner Driver Insurance: We’ve Got it Covered!



At Kings Hill Driving School we are often asked by our learners about the benefit of private practice in a parent’s or friends car. We always encourage private practice as it’s a great way to accelerate the learning to drive process by gaining earlier in car autonomy. This in turn allows and makes available more attention for learning road procedure skills.

However the practicality of this is often difficult due to motor insurance issues. Often the parent’s or friends car insurance policy won’t allow a learner driver onto the policy, or the policy holder doesn’t want to risk their No Claims Discount.

Well at Kings Hill Driving School we have thought of that and found a policy that:

  • will give you Fully Comprehensive Cover
  • protect the owner’s No Claims Bonus
  • Provide instant cover


Click here for an instant Quote.

If you have a car of your own try Marmalade New Driver Insurance

We hope that it helps you!